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242: B-b-b-b-butt hurt!

I am deeply saddened by the loss of some dear LJ friends due to my previous entries!

So, to save myself from losing more of you and thus having to end my own life...
Actually, I'm legitimately interested but more for the reason that I'd like to start posting again...but only if people will actually read it! I don't expect Grand Central Station of comments but I'd rather not write up entries only to have them go ignored... I ARE ATTENTION WHORE!

Over the time we've been LJ friends, what sorts of entries (if any) have you enjoyed reading more than others?

I've actually developed a life over the last few months and have managed to retain my asshole ways, so I'm sure I can think of some things and find ways of attempting to make them entertaining.

And "yay", I fractured a bone and caused "very deep bruising" of tendons in my arm, this evening.

Finally... <3 Steve!

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