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28 August 2010 @ 11:23 am
241: Forget the nine to five swastika...  
To the few who removed me shortly after posting last night's entry: IT WAS GLORIOUS, THANKS!!

And it really was! I think, from here on, I will only seek out hockey players who are a little shorter than I am, for a good time! Although, I feel like I'm in Junior High all over again with the number of hickeys on my neck...

I've gotten maybe five hours of sleep in the last five days(??) - one hardcore crash and burn awaits me!

That's all!

Bear with me! I'm slowly trying to get back in the swing of posting to LJ.
Current Mood: naughtynaughty
the needless antagonist: hp - slytherin - offendednygoldfish54 on August 28th, 2010 06:01 pm (UTC)
people removed you because of this?

Slapstickclear_sarcasm on August 28th, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
Lulz indeed! ;)
Jim: Drinkjimothy on August 28th, 2010 07:25 pm (UTC)
Short hockey players, hickies.. yeah, you've definitely regressed about 10 years.
Slapstick: [cth] ponyboy: smokeclear_sarcasm on August 29th, 2010 01:46 am (UTC)
Haha! <3!

That House icon with the comment makes it even better.
Sparky: Reidmoon_blitz on August 29th, 2010 12:26 am (UTC)
Wait, I'm confused. People removed you because you're having sex with hockey players...?



I'm still confused.
Slapstickclear_sarcasm on August 29th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
Apparently I'm only "appreciated" when I'm making lengthier posts bitching about anything/everything and nobody wants to see me post about threesomes??

Hey Jealousy, mayhaps? I don't know!

But each of the women who removed me should take my advice and know this: if you are seeking a tall guy and expect him to have a large penis (AND know how to use it) - good luck to you! Shorter guys are where it's all at!

...hi, I'm fucked up on pain meds!
cheering for you, my only selfsakurairo on August 29th, 2010 10:28 pm (UTC)
i must have missed something, i thought it was funny haha.
Slapstickclear_sarcasm on August 31st, 2010 09:08 pm (UTC)
Paquette la Chantefleuriemorgondag on August 30th, 2010 01:21 pm (UTC)
All I have to say is, I read that last line as "Beer with me!" and thought what a good idea that was.
Slapstickclear_sarcasm on August 31st, 2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
"Beer with me" certainly sounds better than bear!