September 20th, 2010

[t bundy] pensive

249: I cannot stress this enough..

FUCK 2010!!!

This year has sucked so much ass, it's ridiculous. I recently got released from the hospital after having emergency surgery on a perforated abdominal ulcer. They removed a nice chunk of my stomach and about a foot of intestine. I've also dropped over 20 pounds in just under 2 weeks. I didn't know it was possible to lose that much weight that quickly...and I was pretty fucking skinny before this. My legs have never looked this disgustingly stickly before.

I'm hoping to gain about 20lbs back but it seems like it will be a struggle...especially since my stomach can't hold what it used to. "Like performing gastric bypass on an anorexic." Anyone have any delicious foods/meals to recommend? Preferably high calorie/protein!

Back in business with an amazing detective in Maine. She has singlehandedly changed my views on authority figures ...well, at least I like her anyway. I can't say the same for PA police who have fucked up more in a month than I care to even think about. But now we're finally getting things underway and someone's in for a nice adventure.

You should have killed yourself when you "threatened" to do so... You may have beat me but you will NEVER beat me!

Sorry if that makes no sense to most of you - I'll get into it more once I'm able. Back on track... I'm basically just in the recovery process now - hitting speed bumps every day. I miss my boys and social life! I'm not allowed to drive until Sept 28 (though I have - shhh!!) and can't fucking wait! I will not be in this house for quite some time, once I'm officially able to leave.

This update sucks dick, so I'm ending it.

Stay gold, fuckers.


House, Criminal Minds, Dexter, my birthday and hanging out with Doug Stanhope are all coming up. Maybe 2010 will have a bright side, after all.