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250: oh!

Oh hai, LJ.

I just thought I'd drop in.

Okay, bye.

(srsly, I'll attempt to come up with an entry or something at some point, maybe, don't hold your breaths.)
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249: I cannot stress this enough..

FUCK 2010!!!

This year has sucked so much ass, it's ridiculous. I recently got released from the hospital after having emergency surgery on a perforated abdominal ulcer. They removed a nice chunk of my stomach and about a foot of intestine. I've also dropped over 20 pounds in just under 2 weeks. I didn't know it was possible to lose that much weight that quickly...and I was pretty fucking skinny before this. My legs have never looked this disgustingly stickly before.

I'm hoping to gain about 20lbs back but it seems like it will be a struggle...especially since my stomach can't hold what it used to. "Like performing gastric bypass on an anorexic." Anyone have any delicious foods/meals to recommend? Preferably high calorie/protein!

Back in business with an amazing detective in Maine. She has singlehandedly changed my views on authority figures ...well, at least I like her anyway. I can't say the same for PA police who have fucked up more in a month than I care to even think about. But now we're finally getting things underway and someone's in for a nice adventure.

You should have killed yourself when you "threatened" to do so... You may have beat me but you will NEVER beat me!

Sorry if that makes no sense to most of you - I'll get into it more once I'm able. Back on track... I'm basically just in the recovery process now - hitting speed bumps every day. I miss my boys and social life! I'm not allowed to drive until Sept 28 (though I have - shhh!!) and can't fucking wait! I will not be in this house for quite some time, once I'm officially able to leave.

This update sucks dick, so I'm ending it.

Stay gold, fuckers.


House, Criminal Minds, Dexter, my birthday and hanging out with Doug Stanhope are all coming up. Maybe 2010 will have a bright side, after all.
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248: Touching base...

Hey assheads,

I hope this post finds you all doing well. I know I said I'd try to get back into making more entries and intend to do that. However, at present, I'm in the hospital.

Would any of you be interested in chatting or communicating via any method - to help pass the time for me and keep my mind off the pain..in exchange I will attempt to offer intelligent discussions, amusing typos when I'm drugged up and hopefully some lulz.

Stay gold, fuckers.
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246: E-rape is wrong!

To quote wickedsin, as I could not think of a better way to phrase it:

For the record, posting anything from my journal, comments or otherwise, to any other social media site, under ANY circumstance, will get you removed from every place I can legally remove you from.

I stick with LJ because of a certain level of privacy, and I do not want any of what I say here to migrate anywhere else, unless I post it there my damn self.

I also pledge that I will not post the comments, entries, or anything LJ related that you as my friends post anywhere like Facebook or Twitter.

That is all.

...please don't remove me for this, wickedsin!
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245: And one more for the road...

Yes, a chat log! I got out of bed feeling like fuck, yesterday but some asshat made my fucking day!

It's kind of lengthy...but it had to be shared! Nothing has been edited - this is exactly how it went down and I now need a strong dose of intellectual conversation in order to recover!
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242: B-b-b-b-butt hurt!

I am deeply saddened by the loss of some dear LJ friends due to my previous entries!

So, to save myself from losing more of you and thus having to end my own life...
Actually, I'm legitimately interested but more for the reason that I'd like to start posting again...but only if people will actually read it! I don't expect Grand Central Station of comments but I'd rather not write up entries only to have them go ignored... I ARE ATTENTION WHORE!

Over the time we've been LJ friends, what sorts of entries (if any) have you enjoyed reading more than others?

I've actually developed a life over the last few months and have managed to retain my asshole ways, so I'm sure I can think of some things and find ways of attempting to make them entertaining.

And "yay", I fractured a bone and caused "very deep bruising" of tendons in my arm, this evening.

Finally... <3 Steve!

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241: Forget the nine to five swastika...

To the few who removed me shortly after posting last night's entry: IT WAS GLORIOUS, THANKS!!

And it really was! I think, from here on, I will only seek out hockey players who are a little shorter than I am, for a good time! Although, I feel like I'm in Junior High all over again with the number of hickeys on my neck...

I've gotten maybe five hours of sleep in the last five days(??) - one hardcore crash and burn awaits me!

That's all!

Bear with me! I'm slowly trying to get back in the swing of posting to LJ.
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240: Savor the flavor, all the kittens purr...

Just shake shake shake shake shake your little lovemaker!

And just a note to a "SPECIAL" someone: if you thought that I was actually willing to commit to you and didn't fuck around, you're a fucking retard! Also, you claimed to know when someone is faking... Did you know I was?! I bet not!

Take care, bb!! I will forever look back on it all with a great euphoric high! ;)

To the rest of you fucks: <3 !!!!

Off to slut it up for the night. Who to choose, tonight... Hmmm...

ETA: Threesome, threesome, threesome with my little hockey players! Nnnnnfff!!
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239: LJ Friends!!

I miss you all like crazy!

Who's still around?!?

I'm undecided on whether I'll get back into LJ or not but I know I'd like to catch up and stay in touch with a number of you - who'd be interested?? Any takers?

How have you all been? How were your summers (or winters, or whatever the season where you live)?

Stay gold, fuckers.